Our Team

The Main Office

Gonzalo Arenas Sepúlveda
Position: Director of International Affairs
Academic Background: Journalist, Psychologist, Master of International Relations
Phone: (56 71) 2 201633
Extension: 2633
Email: gonzaloarenas@utalca.cl


Laura Poblete Avendaño
Position: Assistant of the International Affairs Office  
Academic Background: Executive Secretary  
Phone: (56 71) 2 201 584
Extension: 2584
Email: lapoblete@utalca.c


Student Mobility Department

Katherine Núñez Reyes
Position: Head of the Student Mobility Department
Academic Background: Business Management and Master in Finance
Phone: (56 71) 2 417399
Extension: 3199
Email: knunez@utalca.cl

Patricia Rojas Canales
Position: Inbound Mobility Coordinator  
Academic Background: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language/Business Administration
Phone: (56 71) 2 201791
Extension: 2791
Email: patrojas@utalca.cl

Lisbet Yañez Stegmaier
Cargo: Postgraduate Mobility Coordinator
Títulos y grados: Business Administration/Master of Competency-Based Education
Teléfono: (56 71) 2 417398
Extension: 3198
Mail: lyanez@utalca.cl

Franco Mella Pizarro
Position: Outbound Mobility Coordinator
Academic Background: Business Information Systems  
Phone: (56 71) 2 417398
Extension: 3197
Email: fmella@utalca.cl

lnternational Cooperation Department

Bernardo Lara Escalona
Head: Head of the International Cooperation Department
Academic Background: Industrial Engineering, MA Economics, PhD. Econ. of Education
Phone: (56 2) 2 4148356
Email: blara@utalca.cl

Patricio Sánchez Campos
Position: International Coordination for Europe
Academic Background: Business Management, Master in Business Administration
Phone: +44 77 29 880940
Email: psanchez@utalca.cl

Robinson Sepúlveda Aguilar
Position: International Agreements Coordination
Academic Background: Business Administration/Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Master in Linguistics  
Phone: (56 71) 2 201 792
Extension: 2792
Email: rosepulveda@utalca.cl

Micaela Carrasco Fagnili
Position: American Academy of Science and Technology Coordinator/Postgraduate School and Extension Center Manager, Campus Santiago
Academic Background: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language and Translator English-Spanish
Phone: (56 2) 2 2091010
Extension: 4022
Email: micarrasco@utalca.cl