Extracurricular Activities

The International Affairs Office organizes every semester various activities in order to integrate the international students to the university community and the Chilean culture. In this regard, as well as studying at the University of Talca, you will have the opportunity to share the following outstanding recreational and leisure events every semester:

Cultural Immersion Course

This course is organized by the Language Program of the University of Talca. It takes place during the first two weeks of every semester (march and august) and it includes activities such as:

• Workshops on Chilean Cuisine
• Guided tour to the Lircay Campus
• Integration strategies to Chilean Culture
• Chilean music and Chilean cinema
• Guided cultural tour around Talca
• National dances
• Guided tours to National Parks and Reserves in Maule Region


Day trip to the Chilean roots

This one day trip to a rural area of the Maule Region, aims at international students who are at the University of Talca, understand and absorb different practices and customs that are present around the Chilean culture such as handicrafts, typical products , typical flora and wildlife, museums, buildings, traditional villages, etc. It is carried out once per semester and is free for exchange students.

International Fest

The International Fest is the highlight of the semester. In this activity, international students at the University of Talca have the opportunity to show the Utalina Community their culture with their typical cuisine, music and traditional dances from their home country. The international students organize themselves by their homeland and manage the shopping and the items that they need in order to prepare what they have in mind.

Due to these reasons and many others, we invite you to be part of our university; WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!